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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pound them to oblivion!

Some divide using religion, some stands divided because of beliefs but in the face on onslaught of our very way of life and liberties, let us all stand united in the face of humanity and compassion, both of which transcends religion and beliefs. Whatever you beliefs or religious faith, come on, be loud and be clear on your condemnation of the actions of those islamist terrorists. It isn't a criticism against Islam or Muslims. Calling them islamist terrorists are simply identifying them as the very group who misuses the name of Allah the merciful. Whatever they did is not merciful but contrary to the very fundamental teachings of all religions; be good, be kind, be generous. I despair at how many big nations are not taking a clear stand against ISIS. It is a hydra and the only way to stop it is to destroy it, eliminate it and then break them. It will be difficult but perhaps the world will unite in the face of not only adversity, but a murderous faction consists of psychopaths who kills not for their so called religious faith, since they too kill others who professes the same faith but they kill simply we have let our guards down. They are not above using young children as suicide bombers and I can never understand why anyone can be brainwashed to believe such crazy ideologies that goes beyond their religious faith. God in any form will never ever condone such actions. Speak up! Speak loud! Speak clearly! There was 9-11. Now there is Paris. In between so much more. How much more of this abuse, this slap, this insulting derogatory F.U must we stomach before we admit by our reluctance and disunity we have given them the advantage? Fellow friends, especially  Muslims, time to stand up and make your dissents be heard. What is there to fear? The world is behind you. Clearly ISIS does not represent you. Instead of fearing reprisals, stand with humanity and have courage. Faith lies with those who are brave and compassionate. Light always triumph over darkness. I believe that. I believe in my Muslim friends. I believe ISIS can be subdued. For those who thinks any action now is vengeance, it is not. It is uprooting the grass. It stopped being personal. It is now global necessity. Like how you eradicate small pox or whatever disease that affects the young, the old, the infirm, the healthy, of any race, gender and religion, ISIS is that disease. Any religious fanatics is that disease. Some fanatics may not join ISIS but if they praise the jihadi johns, they might as well get that membership. This is not a rant against islam, be very clear about it. I condemn islamist extremist terrorists and if you don't, I see your true character. It is a simple equation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three Meals A Day : Fishing Village

I am not into K-dramas lately, and rarely watches K-reality show except for 1 Night 2 Days or its variant, The New Journey To The West. But the other day I caught half an episode of Three Meals A Day : Fishing Village Season 2 in M Channel which has English subtitles and I recognise one actor who was from Season 2 of 1N2D whom I quite like. The next thing I know, I chased down Season 1 and watched it without subtitles and felt like I knew what was going on. The concept of the show is so simple, that even the super cruel PD aka Na PD admitted he never forseen it to make any impact but it did make an impact in the ratings; like major impact. I myself am perplexed why I enjoyed watching it so much. Maybe because it is essentially a cooking show but not very scripted and shows a life I kinda like; by the sea. It comprised of 3 actors, 2 of whom I do not know. One cooks (aka wifely stuff), one fixes stuff and catches stuff (aka husbandly stuff) and one is perpetually on standby to serve the other 2 (aka sonly stuff). Their rule is; eat 3 meals a day using available ingredients. Can't buy them, but can use whatever is in the garden, on the beach, in the sea. And my god, I could spend 1 and a half hours watching one go fishing, one chopping and dicing, the other washing pots and pans. For me they do such mundane stuff and I see so many eating; 3 times, munch munch and yet, I am absolutely hooked. 

First of all, the guys are easy on the eyes. I love how in reality shows, the K-actors always ask "Are you wearing make up? Did you go to the salon?" to the other MALE actor. Because in reality show, it is expected for them NOT to wear make up. Some of these are actors who are reliant on looking good and yet in such shows, they dress simply, use a cap to hide un-permed hair, less make up, etc. When interviewing, they do not hesitate to use lip gloss. Or ordinarily, do the 3 steps facial cleansing routine, or cologne. Mind you, MALE actors ok?

Then there's the cooking. To see a model like actor like Cha Seung Won who is able to cook so well, he must have his own cooking show. All his food looks simple and yet so very delicious. I mean for once I genuinely salivated over the food I see. I love to see how K-entertainers will unashamedly drool over food when they're very hungry and they will ask to be fed and I love to see them enjoying their meal without fuss or hesitation or drama. And they actually eat all the time at proper times at proper place with rice and all and yet maintain their slim figure because they eat small portions. Half a fish shared between 3 grown men. Seriously! The kim chis look seriously drool worthy. Cha or Chajhumma (love the moniker!!) even made bread, jams, pizzas ... whatever is asked by Na PD, he did it, with limited resources.

Then there's the McGyver moments by Yoo Haejin, the only actor I know from the 3 thanks to 1N2D Season 2. I always liked him. He has such old mannerism but very very fit man who hikes and eats heartily. I like his sincerity and genuineness and it shows in here more than anywhere else. He is also inventive with his ability to fix stuff or make racks, etc. His fishing skills however needs an urgent upgrade.

Finally I love the comraderie between the 3 men, especially with their adopted son whose name I only know as Hoojoon. He is not young; he looks young but he is 30 I believe. He does stuff quietly and without fuss. When people try to jostle for attention, he is one guy who is content with standing at the side and yet still stand out because his adopted mother, Chajhumma always look to him for approval with every first bite of the food. I love how he ended up smiling when eating good food or is on standby with the chopping board or onion or knife. One time his mother was in the other room speaking on the phone and the son heard a sound and immediately sat straight up in attention and asked "Yes?" when he realised he wasn't called, mother was on the phone. It shows at one hand who is the feared one, on the other how diligent he is at his duties which is mostly play with dog, fetch stuff, wash pots. Wash a lot of pots.

There are also a cute dog and a sly cat but overall, it makes you wonder, how can such a series even be entertaining, more so a ratings hit? Well you gotta watch to know why. It is just so magnetic, so addictive.

I really don't know why or how Na PD did it but I suppose it helps that Cha Seung Won is easy on the eyes and he actually makes cooking so sexy and masculine. He even did it in pink gloves and some very ugly clothings. In fact in Season 1 he had his porn-stach too.

Why ah? Why is it so addictive huh? Oh god, I am still salivating over the food I see. Wow.

What I don't like is why blur out certain parts of Cha Seung Won? Well I looked and looked and then I realise the mosaic covers are to cover his tattoos. Seriously? And originally the "son" is played by another actor who was edited out completely from episode 1 of Season 1 because he had a scandal; for not paying tax. And that tax scandal wasn't his fault, probably overlooked and he had fully paid his tax. I don't get the small whiff of scandal and poof, edited out.

Like how they joked in The New Journey To The West; gambling habit is scandal. Fine. Did not pay tax a scandal. Fine. Divorced from wife, also a scandal. Breaking up with girlfriend is also a scandal.

Getting ridiculous.