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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pound them to oblivion!

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Some divide using religion, some stands divided because of beliefs but in the face on onslaught of our very way of life and liberties, let us all stand united in the face of humanity and compassion, both of which transcends religion and beliefs. Whatever you beliefs or religious faith, come on, be loud and be clear on your condemnation of the actions of those islamist terrorists. It isn't a criticism against Islam or Muslims. Calling them islamist terrorists are simply identifying them as the very group who misuses the name of Allah the merciful. Whatever they did is not merciful but contrary to the very fundamental teachings of all religions; be good, be kind, be generous. I despair at how many big nations are not taking a clear stand against ISIS. It is a hydra and the only way to stop it is to destroy it, eliminate it and then break them. It will be difficult but perhaps the world will unite in the face of not only adversity, but a murderous faction consists of psychopaths who kills not for their so called religious faith, since they too kill others who professes the same faith but they kill simply we have let our guards down. They are not above using young children as suicide bombers and I can never understand why anyone can be brainwashed to believe such crazy ideologies that goes beyond their religious faith. God in any form will never ever condone such actions. Speak up! Speak loud! Speak clearly! There was 9-11. Now there is Paris. In between so much more. How much more of this abuse, this slap, this insulting derogatory F.U must we stomach before we admit by our reluctance and disunity we have given them the advantage? Fellow friends, especially  Muslims, time to stand up and make your dissents be heard. What is there to fear? The world is behind you. Clearly ISIS does not represent you. Instead of fearing reprisals, stand with humanity and have courage. Faith lies with those who are brave and compassionate. Light always triumph over darkness. I believe that. I believe in my Muslim friends. I believe ISIS can be subdued. For those who thinks any action now is vengeance, it is not. It is uprooting the grass. It stopped being personal. It is now global necessity. Like how you eradicate small pox or whatever disease that affects the young, the old, the infirm, the healthy, of any race, gender and religion, ISIS is that disease. Any religious fanatics is that disease. Some fanatics may not join ISIS but if they praise the jihadi johns, they might as well get that membership. This is not a rant against islam, be very clear about it. I condemn islamist extremist terrorists and if you don't, I see your true character. It is a simple equation.


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