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Saturday, November 19, 2016

TVB 50th Anniversary : An Overview

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I didn't even know it was TVB's 50th birthday today until I switched on TV and well... the show for what it was worth, was fun even if nothing original, very ill practiced and disorganised. The hosts aren't really real hosts, half of them I am not sure who they were. Most stars were there, most you expected to see anyway. The show wasn't half as bad as years before. It has its moments and my top 3 are;

→3rd Place
3 actors, oldest to old to not old... Tseung Chi Kwong, Wai Ka Hung and Matt Yeung. I think I got their names right. Having to various characters using a telephone and wigs. After a while it was chaos but funny chaos.

→2nd Place
Whistling their lines. So funny. Major points to Benjamin Yuen and Louis Cheung for looking like they really could do a whistling conversation! And why was Tseung Chi Kwong in so many sketches? That man needs a break.

→1st Place
For me funniest was the 3 Gods and their burning assessment of the current hot gossips which were pretty lame gossips but wow, Kevin Cheng got burn real bad! Their funniest banter was the line "How are you?" but using impersonation of current hit shows which was brilliantly funny. I wished those 3 hosted the entire show, I wished those 3 even have their own half hour segment to just make fun of everyone.

→Requisite Show
Of course TVB anniversary show can't be TVB anniversary show without its "Annual Humiliate Moses Chan" segment. I saw noodles on the table I think but luckily Moses didn't get those on his face. It was chaotic and noisy as more and more people went on stage but it wasn't stupid which was fine by me. 

→Worst Segment
However the absolute worst segment proves Miss HKs are made to look like incompetent bimbos who can strut and rip off clothes pretty fast. Their so called harmonious singing, acappella style was not only a horror show, it was a first rate torture horror show. I wonder who came up with the brilliant idea of torturing us the viewers. I guess more reasons for everyone to hate Grace Chan. And Grace Wong does look scary.

To be fair I only saw half the show. I was told there was some mean piano playing and stuff by Eliza Sum. Even Lai Lok Yi gets to do some stylish magic show. That was good.

But the best line of the night?

Gotta be that duo, can't remember their names but they asked something like how do you make a great gigantic presence like Dodo a miniature? And they wittily said "DiDi" (little in cantonese). That was the punchline perfectly delivered. If only these 2 and 3 gods could be the official hosts of the night, this would have been a perfect show.

Seriously TVB, think about it. They got me to blog about you again.

By the way, best dressed got to be Liza Wong. For once she isn't straining to grab attention but her red gown and that gorgeous necklace was as dramatic and as gorgeous. 


  1. So happy you posted again!! The two that work a lot with Do Jeh now are a group called FAMA, the shorter one is C Kwan and the taller one is 6 Wing (Luk Wing). I do agree that the worst part had to be the MHK singing... they could have sang something else and maybe it could have been better and I thought Grace Wong did not fit in with the newer generation of MHKs.

  2. I was told they are rappers.Somehow I can't get my head around to see them as rappers because they have such wit and perfect delivery of the punchline, especially C Kwan that I actually thought they are comedians.

    Urghh I can still they're awful singing. How can anyone in a 20 people strong group ever sing out of tune, ever?


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